Dax Airscience is the most cost effective way to meet and exceed CQC standards for both infection control & cleanliness

Our technology is proven to kill viruses and bacteria, protecting the vulnerable against infections that circulate all too easily within enclosed environments like healthcare settings.

Covid-19 is understandably the primary concern for all of us at present, but illnesses such as Norovirus have always been a real issue for care homes, causing huge disruption as they take a toll on both staff and residents. Highly contagious viruses often go in circles, constantly re-infecting those within the home making it extremely difficult to get rid of. It is vital for care settings to provide protection to residents, staff and visitors. Staff sickness alone can add massive strain to the daily workings of a care home, often requiring agency staff at increased costs to provide cover whilst still paying regular staff and upping the cleaning schedule to try and stop the issue.

Our technology can stop the cycle of reinfection, continually working to destroy the virus whether airborne or on surfaces. It also brings a host of surprising benefits with lower sickness rates, no requirements for air fresheners to mask smells, reduction in cleaning costs, and further longevity of soft furnishings, curtains and carpets.

Unlike many other products which are new to the market, we have test data available from multiple laboratories as well as customer testimonials.

Guaranteed odour control - we're so confident in our product performance we’ll prove the effectiveness of our unit in a room of your choosing, we're yet to find an odour issue we cannot solve. We can enhance occupancy rates by ensuring residents’ rooms always smell fresh rather than any lingering odours or stale air. Our technology even penetrates deep into fabrics and furnishings. creating a clean fresh environment which is much more pleasant to work and live in.

Every establishment has different needs. Our operators are specially trained to assess your requirements and produce a personalised report for your home, free of charge. When installed, every unit is specifically set to each room size, contamination levels and usage levels.

Meeting the CQC Standards on odour control can be a tall order - just one excerpt from a CQC report demonstrates this point:
“We were told by staff and relatives that the odour on both the dementia care units was unacceptable. One relative said, "It’s overpowering, it's not right that people have to live with this constant smell". Another relative said, "The carpets are heavily stained and look a mess". Staff said that even though the carpets and chairs are regularly cleaned, "we can't get rid of the smell".

With AIRsteril’s technology working 24/7 to eradicate surface and airborne bacteria, we’ve got the solution to providing safe spaces for families to meet, while keeping everyone safe. The continuously working unit destroys viruses, to prevent the spread of illness.

The ground breaking technology that AIRsteril have developed means that a safe space can be created to reunite families with care home residents. Continuous air and surface virus destruction is performed through photoplasma technology, and five uniquely combined processes.

We now offer leasing options for national groups and individual care homes, meaning there are always options to guarantee budgets balance.

"I am delighted with the performance of the AIRsteril Units and appreciate greatly the professionalism and subject matter expertise demonstrated by the AIRsteril Team. The “plug and play” PCO devices are virtually maintenance free, they have made an almost immediate effect on the quality of the working environment for our Endoscopy Disinfection Unit staff.

From a Health & Safety and decontamination perspective this a remarkable win-win. Air quality is healthier and cleaner containing no bio-aerosols and no particulates greater than 0.001 microns which is far superior to HEPA filtration. These devices are now being used in treatment rooms in NHS Hospitals.’"

Darren Magee FInstLM ASEE DEngM ASME
Head of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering
"AIRsteril is amazing. We have saved over £11,100 a year on cleaning materials and perfumes, my staff absences have reduced by 20% and I have taken on more residents simply because ‘we smell nice’."
BP, Stamford, Lincs
"It was just about a year ago that we at Alde House took delivery of our first units; I, as you know, was very sceptical about the technology. You were so sure of the product that you were prepared to put the units into the home and let us try them for a month. You said that if we were not pleased with the results you would remove the machines.

We started small with a unit in each of our lounges and a bedroom unit in two of our “problem” rooms. Well after the four week trial we were so impressed that we have units in most of the bedrooms as well as the corridors.

When people come to visit our home one frequently heard comment is that Alde House does not smell like an old people’s home. One lady came to look round last week and remarked that a new build in our area, that has been open less than a year, was in need of the technology we use. We are also finding that we are spending less and less on chemicals that just cover the odours.

Our board of trustees is so impressed that they feel we need to have all areas of our home protected in this manner and have allowed provision for this in the budget.

In my opinion these units give our home a fresh and clean environment for staff and residents alike.

Thank you for giving me the chance to sample these very worthwhile machines."
S. W. Burton
Manager of Alde House
"We are a 60-bedded residential home for the elderly, some of our residents suffer from incontinence, and with a regular vigorous cleaning schedule we are able to limit any problems from unpleasant odours to keep a clean and healthy home.

There are some issues which cannot be resolved as part of the normal cleaning due to residents remaining in their rooms for long periods, or not allowing regular cleaning to take place as often as is needed. In this situation odour problems from one room can affect the surrounding area, which can reflect badly on the home.

We had an AIRsteril Multi purpose unit installed in a problem corridor and within 24 hours the difference was obvious, the whole area now has a fresh pleasant air which is a great improvement for residents staff and visitors to the home. I was very surprised by the improvement, and by how quickly the unit worked. I would recommend the use of these machines in any area you may have an odour problem.

I would also like to say how helpful the staff at Air Steril have been, answering any queries promptly and politely."

G. Grist,
Quantum Care
"I received a product leaflet from AIRsteril (UK) Ltd describing a product incorporating new technology that would eliminate air and surface bacteria and remove all odours at the same time. As I am interested in anything that enhances the quality of life of our residents and staff, and in particular the air they breathe, I agreed to trial a full system on the first floor of our specialist dementia care unit.

This is a very modern open plan environment and with being a dementia unit we have the problem of inappropriate urination and the resulting odours, which were impossible to remove even with the strictest hygiene routine.

Seven AIRsteril units were installed covering three lounges and corridors. After some adjustment to the technology within each unit to match our environmental needs, I am pleased to say the system works, as at the beginning I must admit I was a little cynical.

The response from the staff was unanimous regarding the air quality and reduction of odours and I certainly recommend the product as an effective way of improving air quality and removing odours."

Mark Bailey, Director
First Choices

The units will produce purified, infection-free, odour-free air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are so convinced that you will be totally satisfied with the AIRsteril experience we offer a 28 DAY FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (conditions apply).

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The custom designed catalyst baffle system ensures that contaminated air processed through every unit achieves optimum dwell time within the purifying chamber in the presence of the specialist Ultraviolet lamp. As the processed air leaves the unit it becomes an efficient cleaning agent, targeting pathogens in the air and on surfaces, reaching areas where traditional disinfection is not possible.

Independent laboratory and field testing by multiple internationally recognised laboratories demonstrates how AIRsteril technology can reduce contamination both in the air and on surfaces around the clock. Our technology is effective on both airborne and surface bacteria and viruses and is completely safe to use in occupied areas.


DAX airscience provides units to cover wide open spaces as well as the smallest rooms, improving cleanliness and infection control. Additionally, odours are removed as is the need for cleaning chemicals and masking perfumes. Staff turnover and absenteeism are reduced by tackling surface and airborne bacteria and viruses. Regulations are complied with, while the units require minimal maintenance and do not interfere with everyday operations.

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