AIRsteril, like an endless open jar of fresh air

Many customers describe having AIRsteril units as “releasing fresh air into every room”. You might not want to open a window on a cold winters day or if your based in a polluted city or next to a road, but with AIRsteril in operation you can still experience fresh air 24/7.

Clearing odours in tougher environment like washroom facilities can be a real challenge, ventilation can assist but without AIRsteril there is no real alternative which removes all the odours and leaves just fresh air. Traditional cleaning methods cannot control bacteria levels alone, meaning risks to users increases and this is the primary source of unpleasant odours.

Whatever the environment, with the spectrum of AIRsteril units we have an option to guarantee fresh, odour and infection controlled air can be available in every room.

With Airsteril you will get clean mountain air without the need to climb a mountain.

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