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Care Home Exclusive

Having supplied AIRsteril products across multiple areas for many years, we sometimes forget that there are still some people who don’t know how well our units work. To that end we recently introduced an option for the Care Home sector to try a unit for up to 28 days to experience AIRsteril fresh air, please get in contact if this would be of interest.

Care Homes
Odours or simply stale air can be a concern in every environment, the unique challenges within Care Homes mean that even with the best possible cleaning standards these issues can still exist in some areas. The risks of illness passing between individuals in any shared residential space is always present, this can be elevated by lack of fresh air or vulnerability of residents.

Benefits of AIRsteril

  • • Fresh, pleasant, and odourless environment for staff, residents and visitors.

  • • Improves image, helping you to exceed all regulatory standards.

  • • Laboratory proven against bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungi.

  • • On site testing proves reduction in risk from microorganisms.

  • • Reduces staff absenteeism by up to 40%, NHS reports available on request.

  • • Extends the life of carpets and soft furnishings.

  • • Odour elimination – with a money back Guarantee.

  • • Assists with maintaining full occupancy, retaining staff, and justifying fees.

Many of our customers describe our products as insurance against stale air or lingering odours, even when engrained. We work in harmony with the best cleaning practices to clear any stale odours and create fresh air, but also target the harmful bacteria and viruses in the environment 24/7 to reduce risks to all.

We offer a no obligation home survey and quotation service, we’re confident that AIRsteril will save you money.

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